Thursday, August 8, 2013

Helvie at Plymouth State Medieval Forum

Sorry to have missed this:

Forrest C. Helvie recently presented on "When the Present Makes Contact with the Past: Comic Adaptations and Translations of Medieval and Early Modern Sources" at the 34th Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum, Plymouth State University, on Saturday, 20 April. The essay is now on the website of Sequart Research & Literacy Organization at Apparently, this is an early (or alternate?) version of the essay Helvie published in The Once and Future Classroom (at, which I posted on earlier this summer.


  1. The article posted on "The Once and Future Classroom" was based upon a paper I presented at Plymouth State in the spring of 2012. This one is a sort of "Part II" to that paper, which I presented at Plymouth in 2013 and subsequently published on Sequart.

    Hope that clarifies!

    1. Forrest,

      Thanks for the update. I heard the 2012 paper but missed the 2013 one. I look forward to reading it.