Saturday, July 18, 2015

Berserker by Loverd and Haun

I'm still not ready to get back to work on this but did want to post on a series I just re-read:

Rick Loverd and Jeremy Haun's Berserker (Top Cow, 2009) presents a secret society composed of the descendants of Viking Berserkers at work in the world. There are two groups, one peaceful and the other not, which seeks to bring about Ragnarok. The series focuses on two young men and their discovery of their heritage and its curse. The comic is fairly bloody, with bodies torn apart (repeatedly) and dead loved ones--depicted rather graphically--returning to haunt their respective protagonist. The series can be accessed at comiXology at

A collected edition (978-1-60706-109-0) was released in 2010 with additional supplemental material, including the suggestion that the modern-day Berserkers are meant to represent (reincarnates?) members of the Norse pantheon. The book can be purchased at Amazon or other retailers. .

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